Playroom Prices

While we're working on our reservation system, we are currently operating on a walk-in only basis!

  • 30-minute walk-in: $7.00
  • 60-minute walk-in: $12.00
  • Children under two years old are free

Entry waiver

All guests to the playroom must agree to and sign an entry waiver.

Minimize hassle and maximize your kitty cuddles by signing it ahead of time online. (Alternatively, guests may also sign the waiver on an iPad at the café.)

Note: Please add all children on the same waiver to make the waiver "one and done."

Sign the Waiver Online

Café Rules

These cat playroom rules are based on standard rules at cat cafes around the U.S.

  1. Be respectful and gentle: Some cats like to be picked up, and some cats don’t - let them call the shots. Also respect a cat’s personal space, and don’t try to play with a sleeping cat.
  2.  No outside food, drinks, or pets: To ensure the safety and comfort of our resident cats, kindly refrain from bringing outside food, drinks, or pets into the cafe.
  3. Come one, come all! We gladly welcome all ages at the cafe, but guests under 15 need adult supervision. For younger children, we ask that adults keep a watchful eye and help guide their interactions with the cats.
  4. Cat furniture conduct: Unless you're a cat, please resist the temptation to climb on the cat furniture, walls, and other cat play equipment. It’s all cool, but not built for humans.
  5. Watch the doors: Please be aware of the cats around the doors when entering and exiting the cat lounge and do not let them out. They are sneaky ninjas!
  6. No sharing snacks: While the cats may convince you otherwise, they are getting plenty to eat and drink. Please don’t share any food or drink so we can avoid upset bellies!
  7. Keep it chill: Cats thrive in a calm environment. Let's keep the volume low and avoid any loud noises, rough play, or chasing in the cat lounge. Otherwise, they’re just going to hide, and that’s no fun for anyone!