Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

  • Monday: 10am–7pm
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: closed for cat naps
  • Thursday–Saturday: 10am–7pm
  • Sunday: 10am–5pm

Will i need to sign a waiver?

Yep, you’ve gotta sign our waiver before you get to hang with the cats. Save time by completing the waiver online in advance of your play date!

Do I need a reservation?

It's not required, but it will ensure you are in at your preferred date and time! Walk-ins are welcome as space permits. A $12 entry fee is required for all guests visiting the cat room.

Please note that no fee is required to enjoy the café side, and there is seating available overlooking the cat room to study or meet with friends while enjoying your drink and admiring the cats.

Hold on - I’ve got to pay to visit the cats?! Why?

These cats are freeloaders, so it takes kind visitors like yourselves to keep them fed, the litter boxes clean, and the treats a’flowing. But in all seriousness, cat cafés like ours require entrance fees to help offset the costs that come with having this many cats in their care. Litter, food, toys and overall maintenance that help us keep these cats well taken care of while they’re waiting for their forever homes are directly funded with the help of your visiting fee, and we sure do appreciate it!

Is there an age restriction?

Not at all! We welcome visitors of all ages to come hang out with the cats! Folks under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.

These cats are pretty great - can I take one home?

Yes! With the exception of resident cats Beans and Freddy, all of our cats are available for adoption through Columbia Second Chance. If you meet your new best friend during your visit, let a team member know, and we will help you begin the adoption process!

Can I bring my own cat?

We get asked this a lot, but no - your own feline (or other pets, for that matter), needs to stay at home. While we really would love to meet your adorable pet, for the safety of the cafe kitties and all of our guests, we can't allow non-human visitors into the café. But don't worry! If you're thinking about adopting one of our cats, feel free to share some details about your other pets and we'll happily assist you in finding a potential match!

What do you have in the cafe?

You can see our menu here, but we have a tasty selection of house made pastries, savory snacks, coffee, tea, and other drinks (beer and wine coming soon). We’ve also got an adorable little retail section!

How do you make food and have cats in the same business?

No need to fret! We're not running a cat-driven kitchen like in "Catatouille" here. For hygiene and safety, our feline friends are kept in their own Cat Room, entirely separate from the café and food preparation areas. There's an airlock space between the two areas, and even separate air handling systems! You're absolutely free to bring your food and drinks into the cat zone, but just be aware, it's at your own discretion!