Meet our Resident kitties

the muse behind the cat café

In 2011, Bertha joined Jessica and Kyle as a foster from Central Missouri Humane Society. Her charm led to adoption, and thus she became Lizzi & Rocco's first store cat. After years as a beloved fixture at L&R, she retired to our home when store life no longer suited her. She peacefully passed at age 19, and we're opening this space in her honor. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate her legacy, and perhaps discover your own 'Bertha' among our adoptable cats!

Meet Our resident kitties

Beans (orange tabby) and Freddy (tuxedo persian) are our resident cats that help socialize and model positive behavior for new cats as they arrive in the cafe. Cats are known to learn from one another, these two do their best to set a good example for other cats and show them the ropes while they settle in.